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प्राणी व्यवस्थापनName

पशुधन व्यवस्थापनात आरएफआयडीचे अनुप्रयोग

पशुधन व्यवस्थापनात आरएफआयडीचे अनुप्रयोग

  • Fully automatic identification: The animal identification code is realized, so that the staff can easily obtain the growth, disease, quarantine and transportation status of an animal as long as the handheld device of the system is used.

  • Efficient traceability: The system tracks the entire life cycle of the animal, records each link, and centrally backs up the data in the information management center. If an event occurs, the system will automatically find the source of the animal. It is convenient for managers to analyze.

  • Convenience of management and control: the system's fully electronic centralized data management makes the search of a large amount of data completed by the server, saving a lot of manpower and events, and speeding up the response to the event.

  • Data security: Adopting a new generation of RFID electronic tags, which are specially designed for animals, with fast identification response time and low average failure rate, which can ensure the safety, timeliness and stability of the tag identification process. In addition, we The high-performance and high-fault-tolerance system server is adopted, which can ensure the high stability, security and network transmission speed of the server, thereby realizing the real-time transmission of the system and ensuring the timeliness of the information.

  • Improve management level: centralized management, distributed control; standardized supervision and management, reduce unnecessary links, so that the first incident of an emergency can reach the top management, so that the incident can be handled in a timely manner.

  • System scalability: Considering the future development trend and the promotion of information construction, the system design can easily realize the expansion of the system.

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